Ksenia Ashrafullina

Management Board Member in General Functions

Ksenia is a polyglot and a flamenco dancer who founded Invisible City, a non-profit that enables emerging artists to perform more and get paid fairly for their work. Originally from Russia, she resides in Lisbon and works with creatives from Planet Earth.

Ksenia became an e-resident in 2018, when she faced the need to give a legal structure to her non-profit. She was one of the first e-residents to register an MTÜ—a non-profit organisation—in Estonia. She then wrote a blog post about her experience, which won her a trip to Estonia where she shared her experience at Latitude 59.

Ksenia speaks fluent English, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese, Czech, French, Russian and Polish. She is learning Turkish and hopes to go beyond flower names in Estonian!