Arzu Altinay

Arzu is a tourism professional, ex-tour guide and an entrepreneur based in Istanbul and Tallinn. She’s the proud founder of Walks In Europe OÜ (an e-resident company) operating in 16 cities across Europe and the original Walks In Istanbul at a time when people thought she must be crazy starting her own travel business.

Currently, she’s working on launching a new app called Guide Now. Arzu has a career in cultural tourism and heritage is a key category in her business activity supported by a wide range of interests. Her business expertise has a niche structure, creating themed walks in urban areas with a network of professional guides.

Arzu lives in Tallinn in the winters (yes) and goes back to Turkey for the summer holidays (oh, well) and travels in Estonia as much as she can with her 6-year-old son Deniz. She is native in Turkish, C1 in English, B1 in Eesti Kelles and contemplating what to do with her master studies in Tallinn University.