EERICA e-Residency Festival

Postponed due to coronavirus. Announcement will follow shortly.

Become a sponsor

As we are a non-profit, our only source of financing is membership fees paid by our members. We are happy to discuss sponsorship opportunities with Estonian and e-Resident companies.

Our proud sponsors

Service Provider Sponsor

Each board term, we solicit offers from the various business service providers in Estonia. Our current sponsor is 1Office, who has graciously offered us free accounting services to keep our books in order. Many thanks to Kristiina and the rest of the 1Office team for their assistance to EERICA and their commitments to serving the needs of e-Resident entrepreneurs.

1Office's Website

Virtual Assistant Sponsor

Assistly has graciously allocated time to assisting the EERICA board with administrative tasks each month with tasks ranging from research to Estonian language assistance. Many thanks to Kadi Raus for all she does to support us!

Assistly's Website

Incorporation Sponsor

Silva Hunt OÜ has graciously offered its legal consulting services for free in order to help us author the Articles of Association and incorporate our non-profit as an Estonian MTÜ. They also provided us with accounting and address service during our first year of operation, and continue to be a strategic partner.

Silva Hunt's website

Logo Sponsor

Gabriel Ghali, an art director and visual designer based in Canada, was very kind to design a logo for EERICA. He listened to our input very carefully and did a masterful job of exploring several different design directions before we were able to make up our mind. Thanks Gabriel!

Gabriel Ghali's website

Software Development Sponsor

Exove, a software development company headquartered in Finland, has kindly donated paid time of its software engineers to help build EERICA's community platform. We are very grateful to Exove's CEO Janne Kalliola and to the Exove team in Tallinn for their support!

Exove's website

Banking Sponsor

In addition to TransferWise borderless, having a local Estonian bank account makes doing business a little bit easier. We are incredibly grateful to LHV for not only opening the bank account for us, but also waiving the monthly fees as a token of their support (it also helps our finances quite a bit with our symbolic membership fee of 5 euros). Your support is greatly appreciated!

LHV's Website

Web Hosting Sponsor

As a digital, decentralised organisation, we rely heavily on cloud services that allow our members to connect with each other. Many thanks to Digital Ocean for providing us with free hosting for our website and community platform.

Digital Ocean's Website