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Meet The Founders

We are a group of nine e-Residents spanning the globe from Vancouver to Seoul. Our founding group is intentionally diverse because we want e-Residency to work for everyone, no matter where you live or what background you come from. Read on for a bit more about us.

Yevgeny Alianov

Yevgeny Alianov is an IT professional, a pastry lover and an entrepreneur based in USA.
He’s the founder of, an e-resident company delivering Drupal solutions for enterprises.

Currently, he is working on several SaaS projects as well as the EERICA member’s platform.

Yevgeny lives in Philadelphia with his family. He speaks Russian, Hebrew, English, and German.

Michelle Hamaoui - EERICA

Michelle Hamaoui

Michelle is fascinated by learning and trying new things. In the past ten years, she has gone back to college three times as well as held a variety of jobs ranging from librarian to marketing as well as IT support and project management.

Michelle discovered e-residency and Estonia by trying to find a way around her home country’s lack of access and support for online businesses. Recently, she has relocated with her husband to Vancouver, Canada but is still looking forward to helping others from countries where there is a similar lack of support as the one she faced earlier on.

Michelle speaks Lebanese Arabic, English and French at a native level and can manage a conversation in Spanish.

Christoph Huebner

As primus inter pares, Christoph (36) has the honor to represent EERICA as the founding president. Originally from Germany, he is now a perpetual traveler and sometimes referred to as “the” digital nomad of the insurance industry.

As his main business, he runs a little company with a team of 6 which is specialized in children’s health insurance plans. Christoph is e-Resident by heart and deeply in love with Estonia – enough to spend several months there every year – mainly in the summer season. 😉

Christoph speaks German and English fluently and picks up some words and sentences in other languages while traveling. Latin, French, and Russian from school became pretty rusty.

Wissem Oueslati

Wissem has more than 19 years of experience in IT, E-commerce and digital. He has very closely followed the evolution of E-commerce and digital all over the world, and has spent most of his professional life so far in e-commerce and e-business projects. As specialist in IT and digital marketing, he is always trying to find the best solution for people to do their business (services or products) on the internet. After following the evolution of E-commerce since 2001, he developed the first e-commerce portal for handicrafts in Tunisia, selling 100% Tunisian handmade crafts and accepting credit card payments. He has held many positions such as Senior IT Engineer, IT Consultant FIS, IT manager, Expert and teacher in Digital & E-business at ESEN.TN (The Higher School for Digital Economy). He is also a blogger, and has appeared in many forms of media such as radio and TV.

Throughout his professional life, he was coasting along living a “normal” life until he discovered in 2015 that there is new E-country named E-ESTONIA! It became the door to doing business with the whole world, and it will become so for you too! He made the first e-book and e-learning video course on e-Residency named “How to become e-estonian and open your european company remotely!”

Wissem Speaks Arabic, French, English and Tunisian.

Lorenzo Primiterra

Lorenzo Primiterra was born in Italy in 1988, and is currently living as a Digital Nomad with no fixed base. A Senior Mobile Developer with over 6 years of experience, he has more than 30 apps published in the app stores. He is currently collaborating with The Tor Project OONI (Open Observatory of Network Interference) doing app development.

He became an e-Resident quite recently (in 2018) and quickly fell in love with the Estonian ecosystem. He holds a first class Master of Computer Security and Resilience degree from the University of Newcastle. He was previously the CTO of ModelTag, a startup funded by the French government and the Startup Wise Guys (Riga).

Lorenzo speaks Italian, Spanish and English fluently.

Kirill Soloviev

Kirill is a startup founder, product manager, and digital globalization professional. Originally from Moscow, he’s been an Estonian e-Resident and unofficial evangelist since spring 2015, having personally inducted at least a dozen e-Residents into the program 🙂

His former 13-year career in the translation & localization industry as a manager and executive has led him to co-found a B2B translation technology startup, ContentQuo, which started as an Estonian business from day 1. In his spare time, Kirill enjoys learning new musical instruments (most recently the drumset), Irish traditional music, ping pong, and travel.

Kirill speaks Russian and English fluently, has some rusty German and Japanese in him, and currently studying Estonian and Mandarin Chinese.

Ian Wagner - EERICA

Ian Wagner

Ian is a serial entrepreneur who loves using technology to make the world more accessible. He spent most of his life along the East coast of the US, and now happily calls Seoul home with his Korean wife.

Ian became an e-Resident of Estonia in 2015, re-domiciled his software development company (Funktional OÜ) to Estonia in 2017, and loves sharing his knowledge and experience with others whenever he can. Tallinn feels like a third home for him, and he even speaks enough Estonian to help others use the tram or order a round of drinks at the bar.

When he’s not working, Ian enjoys travelling to new places, brewing traditional alcohols, and learning languages. He is a native English speaker, can hold a reasonable conversation in Korean or German, and dabbles in Japanese and Estonian.


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